Sunday, August 16, 2009

First day on the treadill

I won't pollute my blog with my regular stats on the treadmill, that's what twitter is for. I'll update you with some major landmarks, like when I drop another pants size, lose ten pounds, or something similar...

The experience of getting the treadmill was, well, an experience. First, I found an ad on craigslist: a working treadmill for $20! I couldn't pass that up. After some emails back and forth, she said someone offered $45, so she upped the price to the highest bidder who would arrive on Saturday at 11am.

While parking the car, I rubbed bumpers with a rental car and had to give up my insurance information. It's a gamble either way, but I had to be honest about my actions. Either the rental company would overlook the scratch, or they'd report immediately to my insurance company and my rates would go up *again!*

Okay, so I finally get parked and show up at the place. It's an apartment building, the gate is locked, there is no security code, and I don't have a phone number for the person selling the treadmill - only an email address. Lucky me, I have my handy dandy blackberry and was able to send an email. (While waiting for a response is when I dealt with the rental car ordeal)

I *finally* get a call from a blocked number. Normally, I don't answer blocked numbers, but I was certain it was the treadmill.... and that's where the bad fortune ended, because it actually was her, and not a bill collector or telemarketer.

I get up to the apartment (which I never would've found with no information on the emails) and see the treadmill. It's perfect! Small enough to fit in my Explorer, big enough to handle my lanky stature. When I got home, I was actually able to lift it out all by myself and carry it through the front door.

This morning, as cartoons were blaring on the TV, I sat down and began to let my brain turn to mush. Then I saw the monolithic exercise machine looming by the front door. I wheeled it out, kicked it on, and voila! She works!

Next step is to get a desktop workstation going on there so I can get work done while burning calories. Since I'm about to start online classes, this will be invaluable to my staying in shape.

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