Friday, August 21, 2009

Blackberry Battery FAIL - Business card WIN

Sometime last week, I became immensely frustrated with my Blackberry Storm crashing on me again. I was simply trying to dial, when the screen went blank and returned with the little clock icon. This happens on a regular basis. The frequency is not very predictable. I sat down with my good friend Google and did some research.

I found a great article on crackberry where they allude to the 'paper trick' to keep your battery in place and, as a result, keep the storm phone from crashing. Although I knew the idea behind the paper trick, I never thought it was an issue on my Blackberry. It had to be the fault of the operating system. Dammit, I knew I should never have downloaded advanced pre-release software! I was going to have to wipe it clean and reinstall again. (Pardon the liberal use of bolded words for emphasis, btw) I felt certain it couldn't be the battery, because the phone had been known to crash when I wasn't moving it around... or was I really that certain?

After the third crash in the same hour, I get pissed and am prepared to call up Verizon for a full refund. I'd say "F*** this b***s**t, I'm switching to T-Mobile so I can get an Android-based phone!! Give me my contract cancellation and blah blah blah!" All ready to do it when I got home so I could use a land line to do it. Then, the words paper trick wafted into my consciousness.

First, to test whether or not it might be a loose battery, I gave my phone a good thwack against the dashboard of my car. Sure enough, it crashed. I popped open the battery cover, ripped off the end of a business card, and stuffed it in over the top of the battery. I repeated the thwack test again and watched my phone stay alive. I thumped the phone again a few times to be certain before something in my brain caught up to my hand and said Hand, hey, this is Brain here. Thumping a piece of sensitive electronic equipment like that is a bad idea. You really should stop.

It's been now over a week since that fateful thumping of the phone and not a single crash ever since. I'm finally happy with my blackberry again!

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